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At Homes By Rocket, our primary focus is centered on the acquisition of off-market properties, positioning us as leaders in this specialized service. We excel in uncovering unique real estate opportunities that may not be readily apparent in the traditional market. Leveraging our strategic insight and expansive network, we are committed to navigating the off-market landscape to identify and secure properties with significant potential. Whether you are looking for exclusive residential havens or promising land spaces, our dedicated team ensures that our off-market property services are tailored to provide you with access to distinctive opportunities, shaping and enhancing your real estate ventures.


Step 1: Find Your Ideal Property

Explore our inventory of off-market properties to find the one that aligns with your investment goals. Once you’ve identified a property, contact us and provide us with your personal or business name and your best contact email. We’ll promptly send you a Docusign contract to initiate the deal. Remember, it’s a first-come, first-serve basis, and we don’t engage in bidding wars.

Step 2: Open Escrow

Upon signing the contract (preferably within two hours), open an escrow account by the end of the business day. Send $5,000 in certified funds (via check or wire transfer) to the title company.

Step 3: Close with the Title Company

Coordinate with the title company after they receive your funds to finalize the deal and complete the sale.

Step 4: Finalize with Homes By Rocket

Homes By Rocket steps in to assist you in completing the purchase. We handle the final details, such as securing the keys to the property or confirming the occupancy status, especially for rental properties. Once all the necessary details are ironed out, you’re set to move forward confidently with your investment deal.


Our commitment extends beyond the acquisition phase. Focused on operational excellence, we offer a streamlined approach to quickly move deals to the closing table, ensuring swift settlements between buyers and sellers. We specialize in expediting due diligence processes, particularly in assessing property repair costs. As your dedicated real estate acquisition partner, our tailored strategy guarantees efficient deal management, elevating property values and providing you with peace of mind. Partner with Homes By Rocket for a journey where our streamlined processes in off-market property acquisition elevate your real estate portfolio to new heights.


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